Monday, July 2nd, 2012

About Jim Niswonger

I don’t know what you’re ‘supposed’ to do when you have a 300-pound tiger by the tail…

But this picture shows what I did.

If you’re wondering, yes, that’s a real tiger. I met her at a tiger sanctuary in Thailand. The animals are treated with a lot of love and they’re never drugged.

It’s an amazing experience to be in the presence of a creature so loving, yet capable of such ferocity. That’s one of my objectives – “tiger-like fierce compassion”.

Two groups I’m fiercely compassionate about helping:

#1 – Talented authors, speakers, coaches and other passionate experts who aren’t having the impact they should. Although they have amazing skills, abilities and knowledge, they’re misunderstood and overlooked by the people who would benefit most from what they have to offer. As a result, they remain the best-kept secrets in their markets and are prevented from making the contribution they’re here to make.

#2 – People living with problems that these experts could solve. They’re suffering because they’re unable to find and recognize the solutions they’re looking for. They’re just as frustrated as the unseen experts.

It seems criminal that in 2012 these two groups who need each other so badly aren’t able to connect. They’re speaking different languages and using ineffective methods. To resolve these issues, someone has to take responsibility – I think it’s the expert.

The passionate expert who wants to make a huge contribution and reap the rewards of that contribution must position their expertise so it’s easily recognized as the obvious solution for the person with a problem.

That’s where I come in.

with Liz Marshall and Michael Port

I’ve taken on the challenge of capturing, clarifying and communicating the messages of conscious experts who refuse to sacrifice their integrity to make a sale. If you’ve struggled with this for yourself, you know how challenging it can be.

Over the last 7 years and at a cost of $104,000, I’ve consistently put myself in rooms with the Who’s Who of Marketing. These are people like The Millionaire Maker – Dan Kennedy, the NY Times best-selling author of Book Yourself Solid – Michael Port, and the star of ABC’s Secret Millionaire – James Malinchak, just to name a few.

I rarely let a day go by where I’m not taking in new information and refining the methods to help you to be recognized and rewarded for your expertise.

Yeah, I know it’s obsessive…

I’ve intentionally taken a stand for owning your truth, nurturing your genius and making a powerful contribution…and a stand against anything that prevents you from doing those things.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

In 2006, after failing as a ‘life coach’ – to be able to pay the bills, I had to go back to a world I swore I’d never return to. I moved from California to Minnesota to take a corporate job as a Manufacturing Engineer. From day 1, instead of viewing myself once again trapped in a job, I decided that it would finance the world-class marketing education that has become my obsession.

As I toiled away in the intellectual and emotional dead-zone of corporate America, I had one specific goal in mind…to help conscious, determined experts make a positive impact in the lives of others.

It was extremely difficult to not get sucked into the negative thinking and the small perspectives of that environment. I simply refused to join the thoughts of lack and limitation that run the corporate machine as it voraciously consumes resources and heartlessly spits out the dedicated workers it has decided are expendable.

with Dan Kennedy

Many people on the inside thought I was a fool when I gave up my $97,000 a year salary to help coaches, authors, and speakers with marketing and copywriting.

I just couldn’t hold myself back any more. My mission was too big and I couldn’t stand another day of transforming myself into the emotional zombie I needed to be to put up with a lying boss and survive in a world of corporate BS where idiots make the friggin’ rules.

So I left.

You probably know what it’s like to be so driven to serve in your own unique way that you don’t give a crap what ‘they’ think anymore.

After 23 years inside large corporations, my observation is that many have mastered the systematic oppression of the innate genius of the people working there. If I thought they were smart enough, I would say this is a perfectly orchestrated conspiracy to kill the human spirit and the brilliance that resides within it.

However, I know they’re incapable of such careful planning and concerted effort to reach a common goal. This leaves me to conclude that this is just one of the many unfortunate negative side-effects of careless, thoughtless GREED.

People who get pulled into this vortex don’t understand conscious, passionate people like you and me. They often justify their insecurities by criticizing us as being too soft and emotional. I suppose it’s their way of deflecting the deep pain that comes from extinguishing their internal flame to carry out someone else’s plan for their lives.

I’m glad to have left them far behind.

By leaving them in the dust, I’ve had the opportunity to see what really goes on behind-the-scenes in several successful 7-figure ‘expert businesses’ built by people who take a real stand for what they believe in. Even though you may not be there yet, I can help you apply the marketing strategies that got the ‘Big Boys and Girls’ where they are today. This will propel you to levels of success you only dream of.

My Name

I have used the name Jim Everett.

There are two reasons for this:
The first reason is because when I was working in my corporate job, I didn’t want to have someone stumble on to what I was doing online and ask me a bunch of questions. It didn’t work. People did find out about it and there were several bored people who used to talk about it behind my back.

The second reason reveals my frustration with having a name that’s difficult for many people to pronounce and that I was teased for as a kid. I’ve always wanted to have a different name, so I test drove the name Jim Everett for a couple years. Since I know this can be confusing to people who want to relate to me, I’m back to my legal name Jim Niswonger.

Living with a Psychic

The best thing to come out of my move to Minnesota is my amazing relationship with Shellie Nelson. Being with her has caused me to finally see and release old habits, inner demons and ways of being that no longer serve me. As a result, I’m more clear than ever about who I really am and why I’m on a crusade to help conscious business owners get their messages out in a way that enables them to change the world and live their mission.

Yes, she really is a psychic and it’s much different than I could have ever imagined. I’ll save the stories for later about what I’ve discovered about my past lives, ghosts I’ve had hanging around, and visits from loved ones who have passed on.

My Daughters and Granddaugher

That’s Cady on the left and Jami on the right. At the time I’m writing this Cady is 19 and Jami is 23. They both live in Northern California.

Cady loves crocheting hats for babies and does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work to support Shellie’s business. Jami spends her days trying to keep up with my beautiful granddaughter. Her name is Khloey and she just had her first birthday.


Khloey started walking about 5 weeks ago and one of her favorite things to do is pull her Chihuahau, Whopper’s tail – and of course, sitting on Grandpa’s lap. :)

Her most recent discovery – wooden blocks float in the toilet! Who knew?