Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Attention passionate, conscious expert determined to make a valuable contribution with your expertise:

Your work will NEVER be more powerful than the words that describe it.

Words Matter! They’re how you touch hearts, stimulate minds, and bring clients into your business. You also need words to deliver amazing products and services to those clients – so they refer their friends and keep coming back.

Weak messages prevent your ideal prospects from seeing how you can help them. They stop you from ever making the difference and the money you’re here to make.

3 Keys To Powerful Messages

1. Powerful messages deliver your uncensored truth.

Sugar-coated truths are no better than naked lies.

What do you really stand for?

When you know exactly what you stand for and when your every word vibrates to the rhythm of your truth, you become an irresistible force.

The world reorganizes itself and responds to you differently. It has no other choice.

Caution: the truth moves people. Your deep truth repels the people who aren’t in alignment with you – so you can finally stop wasting your time with them. And it immediately draws your ideal clients even closer.

How clearly and concisely do your messages deliver your uncensored, deep truth?

2. Powerful messages serve your tribe.

Who do you serve? What do they want? What’s in their way?

Let them know that your products and services were designed specifically to help them, and only them, to get what they want. Demonstrate that you understand their dreams and aspirations, their fears and frustrations.

Use your marketing to help them right now and earn the opportunity to help them even more later.

When you’re truly of service to your tribe you’re serving as you sell – not serving instead of selling.

3. Powerful messages empower people and inspire action.

A confused mind says ‘NO’.

When you confuse people with your messages, you disempower them and take away their ability to work with you.

Be clear and specific about exactly what they need to do next, and have only one call to action per message. If you’ve followed steps 1 and 2 above, they’ll be ready to take the action you prescribe. Just say what you want.

There are several ways I can help you:

1. You’re afraid that your copy might be the reason you’re not attracting and enrolling as many clients as you should be.

2. You know your copy doesn’t reflect your true talents and expertise.

3. You’re tired of spending countless hours agonizing over what you’re going to write or say about your products and services, and you want some expert help.

4. You’re just so busy keeping your business running that you don’t have the time to write your own copy.

5. Writing copy is not the best use of your skills and talents, and it prevents you from doing more of what you love.

No matter which of these are true for you, you’re in the right place.

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